The Sermon of the Universe

Extract from our Weekly Bulletin

March 06, 2016

“My soul thirsts for you, my body longs for you…and beheld your power and your glory.” Psalm 63:1,2

In order to give God the due reverence, we must look for the knowledge of the greatness of His Glory.

This was the outcry of the heart of Moses when he said with tremble “Now show me Your Glory.” (Exodus 33:18).

We have a more extensive understanding of the greatness of God (although he is incomprehensible in himself).   We have a greater capacity to have reverent fear of God. For that reason the psalmist encourages us by saying: “For God is the King of all the earth; sing to him a psalm of praise.” (Psalm 47:7).

We are invited to contemplate his greatness. Furthermore, without delay, the psalmist tells us: “Great is the LORD and most worthy of praise; his greatness no one can fathom.” (Psalm 145:3).

This reminds me to about the history of the death of St. Augustine. Augustine was one of the greatest leaders of his time. His writings retell the amazing wonders of our God, and have served as a reference for hundreds of years. One of his great works is “The City of God.”

On his death bed, surrounded by his closest and dearest friends as Augustine was on his way to be with the Lord, his breathing stopped, his heart stopped beating and a complete sense of peace filled the room.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes again and with his radiant face he said to those present: “I have seen the Lord and everything I have written underestimates His Glory.” He soon headed for his eternal home.


Isaiah had a vision of the indescribable Glory of God. He saw the Lord seated on the most high & sublime throne, and His Glory filled the temple.

Around him were angels called Cherubim. Because of the great Glory of God, they covered their faces with their wings while they shouted: “Holy, holy, holy is the LORD Almighty; the whole earth is full of his glory.” Isaiah 6:3. We have sung these same words in our churches in the form of hymns. Nevertheless, they are generally empty of the passion found in those angels.

You have probably been next to people that are yawning or looking around while they sing those words.

Oh, the atmosphere in the hall of the throne of God is so different!

These powerful and amazing angels were not bored or restless; they weren’t simply singing pretty songs. They didn’t say:
“God, we’ve been singing these hymns before your throne for millions of years. Do you think we could do something else?  We’d like to explore other places in heaven.”  Most definitely not!

They wouldn’t wish to be in any other place, but only to remain singing praises before the throne of God.

These spectacular angels weren’t just singing a song but they were responding to what they saw.

Every moment through their covered eyes, they glimpsed another facet and a greater dimension of the glory of God being revealed. Amazed, they shouted: “Holy, Holy, Holy…” In fact their combined shouts were so strong that the door frame shook due to their voices and the whole room was filled with smoke.

Wow! It is one thing for sound waves to shake a building here on earth, but its something very different to be able to shake the architectural structure of Heaven! These angels have been around the throne of God from unmemorable times.

Even so, they experience a constant revelation of the power and the wisdom of God.
His greatness truly is indescribable.

Section taken from the book of John Bevere “The Fear of God” Ch.3., Pg.35.

God Bless You,
Ps. Marisa Varjabedian