The Power of the Blood of Jesus…

Extract from our Weekly Bulletin

June 19, 2016

Extracted from “The Power of the Precious Blood”  by Gwen Shaw

When reading this book, you notice its very simple, but at the same time it is very profound and I have felt the need to share with you some the parts in it hoping that it’ll be of benefit for each of you.

“When we take our tourist groups ‘The Servants of the End Times’ on the pilgrimage to Israel, we always visit the place of the ancient temple. On top of the original altar of sacrifices we find the Mosque of Omar or the Dome of the Rock. When you enter the building and pass through some of the ancient corridor, you see the actual hole where the blood of the sacrifices was poured over the altar. Each time that I stand there under the aperture of the rock, I feel overcome with the thought of how many multitudes of animals over the years since Solomon until the year 70 AD, died for the sins of humanity in this place and how much blood was poured. I then remember about Calvary. Just a few hundred yards to the north where Jesus was crucified as the final offering for sin, The Lamb of God, who died to take away the sins of the world. In my heart I can hear the music of that ancient hymn of the church:

There is a fountain full of blood
Poured from the veins of Emmanuel
And the sinners submerged under that torrent
They lost all their stains of faults. – William Cowper

The Blood of Jesus speaks of Eternal Liberation. Yes, this is the blood that speaks a better word than the blood of Abel (Hebrews 12:24). This is The Blood of the beloved Son of God. The life of the father is in it. This Blood speaks; reveals the vibrations, lightning, sparkle of love, forgiveness, mercies, liberation and it speaks of the power of a transformed life to all those who accepts it as the only way of atonement for all your sins. Rejecting the blood is rejecting the Blood is to reject our fountain of salvation. Satan knows this. That is why hated the message of the Blood, he has found it in each new revival, in each new move of God, in each denomination.

He has taken out the message of the Blood from the hymnbooks, out from the mouths of the preachers, teachers and finally, out from the hearts of the people. But the fountain of the blood flows from the side of our Saviour, upon all mountains, hills, valley and plains, in the desert and in the city. Wherever man were to humble himself and introduce his soul to “Jordan of God”, he will be healed and returned to the innocent state of a child.

Beloved one, you don’t allow anyone to EVER steal from your theology (knowledge of God), the activity of the Blood of Jesus, the Precious Blood of the Son of God. (Hebrews 9:11-15).

If God was able to hear the call of the blood of Abel, how much more will He be able to hear the call of the Blood of the Son of God. If we do not give it the importance that is due, God will give it.

There is a millennium coming were man will no longer need the blood of Jesus that was poured out for him, as the fountain of justification before God. But even then, man will still sing praise to the Immolate Lamb of yesterday.

But until that glorious morning is upon us, we have to cling to that ‘old coarse cross, stained with the Blood that is so DEVINE.”

God Bless You,
Ps. Marisa Varjabedian