Carrying The Cross…

Extract from our Weekly Bulletin

 January 24, 2016

A young man couldn’t handle his problems anymore. He fell to his knees crying out “Lord, I can’t continue. My cross is too heavy.”

The Lord, like always, came and answered him, “My son, if you can’t carry the weight of your cross, place it inside that room. “ 

“Later, open that door and choose the cross that you want.” The young man gave a sigh of relief. “Thank you Lord” he said and did what the Lord told him.

When he entered the room, he saw many crosses; some were so big that he couldn’t see the top of them.

He then saw a small cross resting against the back wall. “Lord” he whispered, “I want that one over there.”

The Lord answered “But son, that’s the cross that you just put down.”

When the problems in our life seem overwhelming, it is always useful to look around and see the things that others are confronting.

You’ll see that you should consider yourself more fortunate than what you imagine.

Look around you, perhaps you haven’t realized and God put beside you your mother, your father, your siblings or a special friend that will make you happy.

When you send someone a message about God, people often think twice before sharing it.

Would you dare share this message with your friends, your co-workers, or your schoolmates? Perhaps many of them don’t even know you’re a Christian.

How many of your friends would receive it?

Remember the words of the Lord Jesus “Whoever is ashamed of me, I will be ashamed of them in front of my father.”

You have to be the light for your friends and relatives.

Hurry, there is little time left.

The Lord is at the gates; He comes to seek HIS Church, the one that is clean and without spots or wrinkles.

May God help you to persevere until He comes. May He Bless your footsteps on this earth.

Note:- author unknown

God Bless You,
Ps. Marisa Varjabedian