Eighty-Three Each Minute!

Extract from our Weekly Bulletin

September 11, 2016

The members of a church entered the chapel area and they noticed something strange. The pastor of that same church had placed a message on the sphere of the clock, visible to the whole church, the following words: “Eighty-three Each Minute.”

Some of the brothers and sisters approached the pastor at the end of the meeting the begged him to please take the phrase down because it made them suffer.

They had finally understood what the pastor had tried to teach them so many times before. That each “tic toc” of the clock in the chapel, eighty-three sinners were passing into eternity (without Christ). Until the pastor did this, there was no interest in the members of the church about the salvation of others. The result was a revival in the church’s evangelism ministry.

If someone who has confessed to being saved by Christ yet they do not feel in their hearts anything for the loss of so many sinners who pass into eternity without God and without hope, then it would be good for you to place this phrase on your own clock.

After reading this anecdote, I began to make calculations. Imagine if every minute, 83 people pass on to eternity without God, every 10 minutes there are 830 people. 1 hour has sixty minutes, so 60 x 83 = 4 980 people per hour that go to hell. I’m sorry if it seems harsh, but I also calculated it for 24 hours. Did you calculate it? 119.520 people in one day, just one day. It’s horrifying to just think about it. Isn’t it? I know that they’re just numbers but just thinking about 83 people, it gives me Goosebumps.

The truth is brothers, that we are the only ones that can tell people that there is eternal salvation. We are the only ones that can tell them that someone loves them, that gave their all just for us and doesn’t desire for anyone to be lost.

We are the only ones that can tell them Jesus died on the cross to save us.
We are the only ones the can take away the souls from the devil.

Let’s think about this, one hundred and nineteen thousand five hundred and twenty people is a tremendous amount and in only one day the devil is taking that amount of people with him.

Where is the Church of Christ? Where are the redeemed?
Where are those that have loved salvation and are baptised in the Holy Spirit? You know we have remained comfortable, guarding for ourselves a treasure that God has given us by His Grace and Mercy.

Every time I think about this topic, another anecdote comes to mind that the pastor told: A convict was on his way to the electric chair, due to his communist beliefs, which he had killed for. As it is customary a priest was a walking by his side, counseling him and reciting the Scriptures. The convict asked, “Do you really believe what you are saying?” To which the priest replied, “Well off course I believe, it is my faith.” The convict said “I die because of political ideals; I have given my life to communism, because I desire equality among humans.

If I believed what you are preaching, I would drag myself on the floor to save the people. Just thinking that they are going to suffer for eternity, would be enough reason for me to circle the whole world even if by feet. The truth is I don’t understand your faith. It is a faith without any works.”

I always remember this anecdote because that is the reality. The apostle Paul says he suffered everything, to gain souls for Christ.

What is wrong with us that we can’t feel the same burden for the souls that don’t know the Lord?

Where is the Powerful Church, without Stains and without Wrinkles that the Lord comes to find?

We need to wake up!, the Great Commission is “Go”, it isn’t ‘Come’ but it is “Go”

Let’s have compassion for those 119 520 who go to hell, because we don’t open our mouths. If we can’t feel that burden for those souls, like I said earlier in the story, it would be good for you to place this phrase on your clock.

May God help us to not deny him any more.

God Bless You
Ps. Marisa Varjabedian