I’m a Foreigner to You

Extract from our Weekly Bulletin

November 06, 2016

Read Psalms 39:12

Yes, oh Lord I’m a foreigner with you, but not to you.

Your grace has removed all my alienation towards you and now, in communion with you,

I walk on this sinful world as a pilgrim in a strange country. You are a foreigner in your own world.

Man forgets you, dishonors you, establishes new laws and strange customs and doesn’t know you.

When your dear Son came to His own, they didn’t receive Him.

He was in the world and the world was made by Him and the world didn’t know him.

Never had any foreigner been such a stranger among the citizens of any country as was your dear Son among the brothers of His mother.

It is not strange that I, who lives the life of Jesus, am on this ground an unknown and a foreigner.

His wounded hand untied the ropes that once tied my soul to the ground and now I find myself as a foreigner in the world.

My speech seems to these Babylonians, among whom I live, a foreign speech and my conduct and my actions seem strange to them.

A nobleman would feel more comfortable among commoners than I in the presence of sinners.

But here is the kindness of my luck.
I’m a foreigner with you.

You are my partner in the suffering and on my journey.

Oh what joy it is to walk in your blessed company!

My heart burns inside me on the way while you speak to me and although I’m a pilgrim I’m nevertheless happier than those who sit on thrones and I feel much more comfortable than those who live in luxurious houses.

I’ll go anywhere without fear
If Jesus guides my insecure feet;
Without His company everything is dread,
But He guides me and I will not have fear

With Jesus as guide I’d go anywhere He wants;
Walking assured that I’m secure in him.

Even though I could lack father and mother,
Jesus Christ will never abandon me.

Extracted from the book “Morning readings”
by C. H. Spurgeon Pág. 82

God Bless You!!
Ps.Marisa Varjabedian