In spite of… Obedience

Extract from our Weekly Bulletin

November 22, 2015

There is a very narrow link that exists between the orders so “absurd” that God has entrusted to those that have been willing to obey Him, and the miracles that God has performed throughout history.

All through the Bible we can see that repeatedly, God asked his servants to do “ridiculous” things in order to learn His extraordinary power.

God also demonstrated His power in very peculiar and uncommon forms, and without the help man.

In the Bible we can find stories that are so extraordinary.

For example (just to name a few)

  • The bush that was burning but wasn’t consumed,
  • Aaron’s rod that turned into a snake and back to a rod,
  • The waters that turned into blood,
  • The river beds that stopped,
  • The rains that were untied by God’s servants,
  • The birds that took food to a prophet,
  • The axe that floated,
  • The fire that came down from heaven to consume the enemies, and
  • The king who waited for the wind amongst the balsam trees before going out to the battle.

The Bible is filled with “illogical” requests on behalf of God.

Moses lifted his hands on the mountain so that Joshua would win a battle in the valley.

Elijah told the widow to borrow all the vessels she could and to fill them with oil so she would receive her supernatural provision.

Naaman was cured from leprosy when he obeyed the word of the prophet who told to him to wash himself seven times, in a river that was dirty.

Elijah prayed so that fire would come down from the skies.

I am sure that for God the most important factor is obedience.

It’s imperative that we learn to obey, to answer with readiness and to act with agility.

The gain is in obedience.

If the Lord is calling you to doing something for Him “place it in prayer and fast, ask God to confirm it, don’t do it because it seems right or because I fell it.”

If God is in the situation, it doesn’t matter how ridiculous it appears, He will go in front of you opening the doors.

But if God didn’t send you and you make the decisions on your own without consulting God and you go out with your own strengths, God will not support you.

Think about Moses when he says to the Lord “if you don’t go with us, I will not go.”

Note:- author unknown

God Bless You,
Ps. Marisa Varjabedian