Invisible Barriers…

Extract from our Weekly Bulletin

November 29, 2015

“Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity, And cleanse me from my sin.” Psalm 51:2

A young Pastor recently wrote, “When I opened the door of the Church, I heard a flutter and noticed a magnificently coloured bird that was flying around and above the benches and crashing into the glass of the window.

At first it seemed dazed, but it quickly corrected itself and flew across the room and made another attempt at a window on the other side. It made several attempts, coming almost to the point of anger in its efforts to fly through to the other side of the glass, and seemingly without ever learning that there can be obstacles in its way, which cannot be seen by the eye.

“It finally fell completely exhausted. I lifted the small trembling creature and gently caressed its wings, while I was mumbling an expression that had come to my mind on having observed the strange events – ‘Invisible Barriers.’ On having seen that as I entered the church, it seemed to me that the Saviour was seeking to enter my heart and life.

Everything seemed like the path was opened for Christ to enter, however He had not entered in the plenitude that I wanted Him to enter. I wondered why it was so. Now I know that it was because of the invisible barriers in my inner life that only He and I knew about –       invisible to others – and these barriers inside my soul were the closed doors to the presence and to the power of the Saviour.

I then realised the significance and consequences of certain things. The thoughts that I had allowed to think many times – the Saviour could not enter and share them with me.

There were plans and hopes that were not for the Glory of God or for the advancement of His Kingdom – the Saviour could not enter and share them with me. There were many pictures hung on the walls of my memory, some that I had left hanging there – the Saviour could not come into my soul until these pictures were removed. There was selfishness and worldliness; there was pride and jealousy; there was a condition that could be called a   ‘Self-centred Personality’ instead of ‘God-centred Personality’ – The Saviour could not enter, live and work in me while such things would dominate me from within.

There were bad emotions in my profoundness of me – in the intentions of my heart, in the underlying mud that in the outer appearance was the pure and clear current of the life of above – The Saviour could not enter while this condition reigned there.

And there was lack of faith: failure in trusting when the way was rough or it seemed the work was impossible – could the Saviour trust in me when I didn’t trusting in Him? Could we be partners in this great life of the       Kingdom while I wasn’t cooperating more fully than I already was?

Even more so than this, there was the rebellious will that did not submit.

How strange it all seemed to me now, as the bird crashed and as I said the words – Invisible Barriers.

Opening the doors of the temple wide open, I set the bird free to fly in the sky where it desired to be so much. Turning around, I faced the Teacher, begging that He help me and show me how to completely open all those         invisible doors that I had closed on Him and that I could allow Him to begin to work with me, to live in me and I in him.”

This is the testimony of a Young Minister.

“Just as I am – Your unknown love Has knocked down all the barriers – And now, to be completely Yours, Lamb of God, I come to You surrendered.”

“… and the one who comes to Me I will by no means cast out.” John 6:37

God Bless You,
Ps. Marisa Varjabedian