Is He the Lord of your Life?


How many of you are anxiously expecting to see what the Lord will do next?
It is an exciting time in which we live, despite of everything that happens around us, despite of the natural disasters, despite the fact that the world will fall to pieces, GOD WILL CONTINUE TO BE SEATED ON HIS THRONE, HE “IS” GOD.

The judgments of God are falling over the earth. Sometimes I think of the verse in which the Lord complains and says; “I looked for a man among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to destroy it, but I found none.” In this time, will the Lord have the same complaint? How many of us are truly willing to pay the price? You know, the price is very high.

The Lord doesn’t want a quarter or a half. If he truly is the Lord in your life, he demands ALL from us. Do you know what ALL means? He doesn’t want us to give him the leftovers, but the best. That is nothing more or less that we should deny ourselves.

It doesn’t matter how tired we may be. If a brother/sister needs us, we should be there. Perhaps the most important question we should ask ourselves before we go through any circumstance is “What would the Lord Jesus do in this circumstance?” You know brothers and sisters that would change our lives and perhaps even the course of history.

I read a book that impacted me greatly. It’s called ”In His Steps.” In the book, it talked about a congregation in which the pastor challenged the church to live a month asking themselves this question each time they had to make a decision. Approximately 15 people took up the challenge, and it was something that transformed their lives and their businesses. I remember one of them owned a newspaper that was in great demand and had many subscribers.

In the sports section was the news of two boxers that were going to fight for a world title. As the fight wasn’t being telecast, many people were anxiously waiting for the newspaper to read the results.

The previous day however was the day the owner of the newspaper had taken up the challenge of asking himself the question “What Would Jesus Do?” He struggled with this a lot and finally his answer was, the Lord Jesus would never be involved in anything like boxing. So the man was faithful to the promise he made to his pastor. He decided not to place in his newspaper any news about the fight.

The next day the telephones wouldn’t stop ringing, the people asked what had happened that there were no results printed in the newspaper. When he explained why the results weren’t printed, many people cancelled their subscriptions and the newspaper had a loss of income. But the marvelous hand of God was seen in the newspaper in the lives of each one of the members that accepted the challenge, “What Would Jesus Do?”

If you want to make Jesus, the Lord of your life, it will cost you. Many things must be changed in your lives, and we will have to be willing to live as He lived, suffer for him and do what he did. Since we will never be able to pay the high price he paid for your life and mine.

The Word of God says that we have to walk like he walked. How did he walk? Doing well to everyone and healing the sick, setting the captive free, healing the broken hearted. Ask yourself, is Jesus the Lord in my life? But I am saved, I accepted him as my saviour! But have you made him Lord of your life? Think about that and I challenge you to ask yourself that question, when you have to make decisions. “What would Jesus Do?”

God Bless You,
Ps. Marisa Varjabedian