Thank You Jesus! I Worship You Lord!

Extract from our Weekly Bulletin

August 16, 2015

Thank You Jesus! I Worship You Lord!

Some preachers strain themselves to explain the benefits, to their listeners, of giving themselves to Christ.

Sometimes even exaggerating by presenting a life that is all peachy, where nothing bad will ever happen to us again…

When I was young (and lacked experience), I preached similar messages…
Years later, with children, with life and experiences with the Lord, I now know that the believer is called by God not to stop suffering but TO TRIUMPH even in the middle of the sufferings.

No illness, debt, matrimonial separation, problems with the children honours God.

However, with the attitude in which we face these adversities, it is the one that can give us the     VICTORY, since our praise does honour God!

In this moment you can pass from defeated to conqueror if you take away from your lips all   complaint, all despondency, the negative words and critisicm.

Leave all of that at the feet of the cross and like a soldier take up the weapons that are powerful to destroy the strongholds of the enemy. towards victory.

History recounts how John (author of Revelations) received one of the messages that impacted humanity the most and saw things that no one saw.

But I want to clarify with you that he wasn’t on a spiritual Retreat, nor comfortably located at his office, NO!
Patmos was a prison, but it didn’t have the power to detain the Glory of God that was poured of over His son John!

Dear friends, may your circumstances from now, allow you TO PRAISE HIS NAME and the victory will not delay.


(Author: Pastor Ángel Gerber)

With love,
Ps. Marisa Varjabedian