We Are His Miracle!

Extract from our Weekly Bulletin

October 04, 2015
We Are His Miracle!

You, being a human being, are my miracle. You are strong, capable, intelligent and full of gifts and talents.

Count your gifts and talents. Be excited by them.
Acknowledge yourself. Accept yourself.
Encourage yourself.

Think that from this moment you can change your life for good, if you set yourself to do so and fill yourself with enthusiasm and above all, if you realise that all the happiness can be yours if you desire it.

You are My greatest creation. You are My miracle. Don’t be afraid to begin a new life.
Don’t feel sorry for yourself. Do not complain.
Don’t torment yourself. Don’t be depressed.
How can you be afraid if you are my miracle?

You’re equipped with unknown powers for all the creatures of the universe. You are unique. There is no one like you.
You only need to accept the way of happiness, confront it and to always follow ahead until the end.

Simply because you are free. Only within you, is the power to not tie yourself down to things.
Objects don’t make happiness. I made you perfect so that you can take advantage of your capability and so that you don’t destroy yourself with foolish things.

I gave you the Power to Think.
I gave you the Power to Love.
I gave you the Power to Decide.
I gave you the Power to Laugh.
I gave you the Power to Imagine.
I gave you the Power to Create.
I gave you the Power to Plan.
I gave you the Power to Speak.
I gave you the Power you to Pray
And I placed you above the angels…when I gave you the power of choice. I gave you dominion to choose your own destiny using your will…

What have you done with those strengths that I have given you? It does not matter.
From this point forward, forget your past only by using the power of choice.

Choose to Love instead of Forgetting.
Choose to Create instead of Renouncing.
Choose to Grow instead of Consuming Yourself.
Choose to Live instead of Dying.
Choose to Laugh instead of Crying.
Choose to Praise instead of Criticising.
Choose to Give instead of Stealing.
Choose to Bless instead of Blaspheming.
And learn to feel my Presence in every act of your life.

Grow a bit every day in optimism and hope.
Leave behind fears and feelings of defeat.

I am always by your side. Call me. Seek me.

Remember me, I live in you from always and am always waiting for you to love me.
If you are to come to me one day…let it be today, at this moment.

Every moment that you live without me is an infinite   moment that you miss out on peace.

Try to become a child again; young, simple innocent, generous, giving, able to be astonished and capable of being moved at the wonder of feeling human…because you can know my love, you can feel a tear, you can comprehend the pain…

Do not forget that you are my miracle.

I want you happy, with mercy and goodness so that this world that you journey in can get used to laughing, as long as you…learn to laugh.
If you are my miracle, then use your gifts and change your environment.

Contaminate it with your hope and optimism without fear, BECAUSE I AM BY YOUR SIDE!

With Love,

Note:- author unknown

God Bless You,
Ps. Marisa Varjabedian